Revealing Holo-Stylus
at TrendOne’s Sample Day
(Hamburg, Sep.8th 2017)

As part of an exclusive event at this year's Sample Day, Holo-Light will unveil its groundbreaking new hardware, Holo-Stylus. Created in collaboration with the masterminds of MCI (Management Center Innsbruck) this revolutionary input device for all head mounted displays will take interactions with holograms
to a whole new level.

Rewrite your VR/AR/MR experiences

precise tracking
down to
the millimetre


simple connection to all kind of head-mounted displays

all kinds
of coordinations

What others say about us

Holo-Light is an innovative tech startup committed to offering powerful MR software solutions and expanding this technology even further beyond what it can do today. Our high quality applications have helped industrial giants already solve complex problems through the power of virtual holograms.

Grab the chance to be among the first people in the world to try this brand-new technology.

Be a pioneer in leading the industry 4.0 revolution and get a prototype of the very first limited edition.
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